So, this is how a blog begins. The simple act of starting to publish your thoughts feels so overwhelming when there are those who have been actively blogging for years now. Of course, that should not be a deterrent, everything has to start somewhere. Others have such keen concepts, niche subjects that keep them focused and their readers attentive. I don’t have this. I have many thoughts that run through my mind constantly, on an array of subjects. I have a few interests, some of which I know a lot, and some of which I would like to learn more. As of yet, I would prefer to not focus on a single subject, I thought perhaps I could start writing and see where this journey takes me. Maybe I will find my niche, maybe not. For now, I will enjoy unburdening my crowded mind by “thinking” a bit online, and well, just see what happens.

And what good timing. The winter solstice just passed and I think that it makes sense to take advantage of the days as they grow longer. Of course, that might be easier if I lived somewhere else. I live in Geneva, Switzerland, a sometimes beautiful place to be. Generally, that is not the case in the winter. We had two large snow storms already this season, very odd for the city, regardless of what the naysayers may want to believe, an obvious sign of climate change. I know, many outside the country equate Switzerland with snow, and that would be correct in many other parts of the country, particularly those at higher altitudes. Geneva, I am told, does not usually see so much snow. For me, as I begin my fourth year living here, I associate winter in Geneva with gray. Gray skies and fog. As a result, it is hard to recognize the lengthening daylight until somewhere around March when daylight returns.

I exaggerate. Geneva does get sun, and when it does, it is just lovely here, anytime of year.