I took the last two days off from my brand new blog. This is not because the first two entries of my blog were exhausting, but rather because it was the holiday. Christmas. I don’t actually celebrate Christmas, but I enjoy the day. It is the one day all year when everyone can relax. By everyone, I of course mean me because I suppose there are many who must work regardless of the day, and many more who cannot relax because of personal, or professional, obligations. I am thankful that on this holiday, I can usually relax and do. It is a privilege I enjoy.

Yesterday was Sunday, and I should mention, it was also sunny in Geneva. In the wintertime this fact is not always tremendously welcome as the low sun peers into my bedroom as soon as it rises and will force me out of bed earlier than I might choose. My plan was to make a big American-style, winter breakfast with pancakes, bacon and OJ. However, on my excursion this Friday for the ingredients — a special trip to the American Store in Geneva as pancake mix is not readily available in Switzerland — I forgot to buy maple syrup. They had it at the American Store, but it was too expensive when I know they sell it at my neighborhood store. But alas, I forgot to buy it on my last minute foray to the store to insure I had enough food to last the long weekend of closed markets.

Stores are always closed here on Sundays. At first I really did not like this. Over time, I have come to really appreciate the forced downtime. It’s amazing the mindless chores that can occupy ones self with the freedom to do so. After living in Manhattan for so many years, where stores are open everyday of the year, and sometimes every night, there is a different pace to the world when stores close early, on weekends and on holidays. I prefer this pace. It comes with a learned behavior as well. I joke about the conveniences of NYC that I miss, but truthfully I prefer a simpler existence that sometimes is accompanied by fewer conveniences and more deliberateness.