True to my resolution, I have been eating well this January 2011. My idea of eating well has always revolved around eating natural (I guess that’s what they call “whole” foods) that I prepare at home. Thus, in the past, a lot of frying went on, lots of bread a pasta. Right now I am trying something new: in addition to eating whole, I am trying not to eat bread, pasta or dairy.

Now, in dairy, I mean specifically cheese. Ever since I moved to Switzerland the uptake of cheese in my diet has been considerable and I blame it in large part of the bulging gut I’ve developed. I’m not sure where eggs fall in the food pyramid, but I do enjoy scrambled eggs on a Sunday morning. Yes, I am targeting my gut and I from what I’ve read, refined carbs from white flour and sugar, and diary products are a big part of the problem.

I have been exercising every few days, about three days a week, but I am trying to get up to five. I used to focus on cardio because I thought that burning calories would translate into losing weight all over, thus having the biggest impact. What I am realizing is that the big impact really comes from toning muscle, but it also has to be all over. So I have been focusing my fitness regimen around body-sculpting routines that include cardio and toning exercises, and yoga, which I think kind of accomplishes the same thing.

I have found some great online resources to aid my fitness regimen. I’ve mentioned before that I do a variety of exercises offered by ExerciseTV. I’ve also been following the Yoga Journal’s 21-Day Challenge which has offered some of the best yoga routines I’ve done in a long time, not to mention that they are free and online so I don’t need to leave home.

I used to think I would not have the discipline to exercise at home, but I find that I do it and keep doing it. Right now, I would love to have some ice cream, but I think I’ll have sweet clementine instead and then make a sensible lunch. Enjoy your Saturday.