I decided to write a blog because I am have so many thoughts in my head, it seemed an obvious outlet that at the same time, writing is a good way to pass the time, better than say getting wasted on my fabulous margaritas that are really way out of reality because of the high cost of tequila in Switzerland. I believe I mentioned in my first-ever blog post that the subject matter of this blog is yet-to-be-determined, as it would organically evolve.

By the way, the “backspace” key on my keyboard is sticking. My typing will need to get more accurate.

I have always been very politically minded. I remember when I was little (yes, the term is relative and very subjective — I was probably a teenager but the story sounds better if you think I was younger) asking my mom what was the difference between Republicans and Democrats. This is many years after I represented Mondale in my sixth grade class debate and beat Reagan’s ass. Her response was that Republicans are generally conservative, which means they like to keep things the way they are, and Democrats want things to change. My response was simple: since the world is not perfect the way it is, shouldn’t we be Democrats?

There are truths in our world that are real, and there are ideas that if repeated enough times some people believe in them. One myth I’ve heard over and over is that people become more conservative as they get older. With real responsibility comes acquiescence to real fascism, or something to that affect. For me the reality is just the opposite, the older I get and as I relinquish my youthful optimism, I travel further to the Left. I am a proud Liberal, or are we Progressives these days? Either way, I am one. I don’t understand why it seems that people are afraid to align themselves with the Left, particularly (or should I say more importantly) on economic issues (“oh, I am socially liberal, but economically conservative.” — I am willing to buy The Autobiography of Malcolm X for any person out there who still believes that social debates are not either a ruse to obfuscate the truth about or the negative derivative from our horrible world economic order). It’s like women who are afraid of the term Feminist. I am proud to be one of them too.

Anyway, I digress. The point of this blog post is not to pummel you with my political beliefs: I don’t care to, they are my beliefs and they are coupled with another belief that if you don’t share them the loss is yours. Rather, I have so much anger with the powerful rightward shift in the world order, that I find it hard to read anything these days, let along to write about what I feel. Oy, I can’t read the news. Truthfully, I now love Charlie Sheen for giving me something else to think about it (even the Feminist in me recognizes the hypocrisy of condemning the Sheen media blitz now that it is happening for, jumping on the moralizing bandwagon for drinking and drugging and tying it back to his misogyny, rather than boycotting his television show years ago, so if I want to enjoy Mr. Sheen’s Wild Ride while it is in progress, I damn will do so with no apologies.)

Damn, I still digress. What I really want to say is that I did not intend my blog to be about nutrition and exercise and the weather, but I find these topics to be the only things I can, at present, think about and discuss at length without becoming generally enraged. What is that? I am enraged. Yikes. Me, I am a decent person, how can it be that so much that surrounds me also enrages me? My mind goes into overdrive unless I actively work to shut it off. That is no way to live. What to do about this situation? Well, in the short term, stay tuned for my next blog post on the fabulous broccoli soup recipe that I found the other day…