Oddest thing. I went for a lovely hike today. I just needed to expend some energy and for some reason, the mountain was calling. I don’t know what it is about hiking, or rather, I can imagine that the pleasure I find from hiking is the extended activity that can be at once pleasant, peaceful, and challenging.

The hike was just what I needed. My nerves have been frayed all week, and his is the first time I feel relaxed. That cat is sleeping besides me, so she must be relaxed too. I do have a sunburn. As usual, didn’t realize how strong the sun was because it was quite fresh on the mountain (ok, how stupid is that? it is always fresh on the mountain and the sun is always much stronger). I also have the oddest craving for cucumber.

True, after vigorous activity one might want a nice, hearty, healthy meal. I had a nice lunch on the mountain, croton nature, which is essentially a lot of delicious cheese fried on two thick pieces of bread. And some wine. My theory is that that the exercise, sun and wine combination has left me a bit dehydrated and now my body wants to eat a food that is primarily water.

Enough of that. So, I am searching the Internet for suggestions for removing grease stains from clothing. I am going to post the answers here when I find them:

from http://members.tripod.com/barefoot_lass/grease.html

Beth Garrison-Kemp from Kwajalein, Marshall Islands writes; “I happened upon your site while doing a search on getting out a red wine stain, and I saw the grease removal tips. I thought I’d share one with you… I saw this on “The View” when they had some stain removal guru on. Believe it or not, I have had great success with Cheese Whiz. Yes, that goopy orange stuff, when smeared generously on a grease stain, takes it right out in the laundry. No need to let it sit—I just smear it on and throw it in the wash. I first used this as a last resort when trying to remove bicycle chain grease from my daughter’s dress, and I was shocked at the result! I’ve since used it successfully on butter and cooking oil. Hope this helps!” Thanks Beth…. yes, your tip has been a great help! Thanks for sharing!

also from http://members.tripod.com/barefoot_lass/grease.html

Sally from B’ham, AL writes; “My parents passed this on to me.. swear by it, and have made me a believer – lighter fluid! Just sprinkle a little on the grease spot (even if it’s been laundered before) and launder as usual. For really tough grease, like bicycle chain grease, squirt on lighter fluid and “work on” stain to loosen it, then launder.” Thanks loads Sally! I have to add that this works great on whites, but be careful on colored fabric. Test first! Sometimes the lighter fluid will remove the color!