It’s Monday morning, and like on most, I am lying in bed, yearning to be a morning person. It is cold outside: we are having an unseasonably cold-spurt in the middle of July in Geneva. Last summer it was a canicule (French for heat wave) for three weeks. This summer it is week two of chilly, cloudy, and rainy weather. Makes it hard to get out of bed.

But step one in the right direction. I might not be exercising this morning as my very near future when I will rise between 6 and 6:30 to partake in some form of fitness for about an hour before departing for the office. No, but I am writing. Fitness for the mind. I am so proud of me. I slept well, should’ve gone to bed about an hour earlier but it was a nice evening. So, in the absence of the kind of energy, focus, or motivation needed to up and jump, I’ll write a little note to the blogasphere as I prepare to take on the day.

Were the Mondays could be treated like any other day, how would this moment be different? I can’t answer that. Monday’s are notorious, and I am a full believer in their negative powers. I have been working on positive energy these days, and I choose to look at this Monday as any other day of the week. A good Monday will begin with a stop at the grocery store on the way to the office so I am left with enough fresh fruits and vegetables to snack on through out the day.

I like to make small, manageable, achievable goals for the day. That is today’s goal. I better get up and get to it.

Happy Monday.