I’ve a couple of hectic weeks at work. After four summers living in Geneva, of learned a new lesson: only fools do not take a vacation in the month of August. I won’t make this mistake again. The alternative, while we get to enjoy the lovely and temperate Swiss summer, you are left doing a little bit of work for everyone on vacation, on top of your already heavy workload: on which it was expected you would make considerable progress since the office would be so quiet. All this leads to much more stress than the blissfully blue sky days should produce.

I heard someone mention they’d seen a brown leaf yesterday, and I felt so sad. I am complaining, it is true, to have these August days pass by, but I by no means want summer to end. How do we make sense of this eternal paradox?

The really sad part is the it seems we are constantly looking for the moment we are in to be gone. Like something better will come tomorrow, next week, or next year. I remember a time a few years back at which I examined myself and thought I was boring. In fact, in my life I periodically when through this kind of self-criticism. And I’ve always fond something to try to get myself out of whatever funk in which I found myself.

The problem I gave today us that I do have a good job, but one that is very demanding. I am struggling to keep “me” as the main player in my life and not let it become “work”.

This week, thus month, I feel like I am losing this struggle.