OK, so, I am going to stop apologizing when I come back to the blog-o-sphere for having been absent for so long, because the need for explanations really becomes an obstacle itself, in addition to the many obstacles that account for the actual explanations that would go into an apology. I have been frustrated not writing for so long, and well, now I am back.

I am watching Pan Am with my airplane, airline, flight history obsessed husband. This is a fascinating experience. We are fans of Mad Men, and I have heard the brief that Pan Am is like a cheap version of Mad Men, even the “chick” version. Eh, I’d rather judge for myself. We are only half way into the episode so I can offer no commentary yet, except to say that it is so much fun to watch with my husband, who actually knows the background to all the historical back-stories that are being introduced. He especially knows the historical accuracy specific to the industry.

I’ll be back with my review.