Flat Stanley in the Bossy Bois – December 11, 2011

One of my favorite things about Geneva is the vast amount of agricultural land in Greater Geneva and that of neighboring France. We brought Flat Stanlette to the Bossy Bois, farmland and nature preserves that span the Swiss-French border. It is very popular for hikers and horseback riders, with pedestrian pathways that straddle the Versoix river.

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On this day in December, the deer were relaxing in the crisp winter air, and became very curious by the onlookers. The doe and fawn came over to the fence, and Flat Stanlette posed in front of her new friends. However, eventually the buck of the herd ventured over to our meeting and, one by one, he dismissed the other deer, directing them to return to the middle of the farm land, far away from the onlookers. The herd did as they were commanded.