Flat Stanley arrived at our home at the beginning of December 2011. He is our guest thanks to my cousin Rebecca, who sent her flat friend to spend some time with us from their home in New Jersey, so he could experience the mountains. The following letter was sent by Rebecca accompanying Flat Stanley:

How are you doing today? I am feeling excited because we are doing Flat Stanley! In my second grade class, we read the book Flat Stanley. In the book, the main character Stanley, gets flattened by a giant bulletin board. After he was flattened, his family put him into an envelope and mailed him on an adventure. I think it would be cool to be flat because if I got locked out of my house I could slip under the door. I made my own Flat Stanlette. Would you please take him on many adventures? It would be so exciting if he got to go to the mountains! While you are having fun with Flat Stanlette, try to send pictures to me. When you have finished your adventures, mail me a letter with the pictures you took. Don’t forget to send me back my flat friend! Thanks for all of your help!

Your cousin,

This is a chronicle of his travels through the land of mountains, cows, cheese, and chocolate.

Our adventures began on a sunny day last December in Geneva. We strapped in and headed to the Lake.

This map of Switzerland points out some of the spots we hit during our tours. Click the link “View Larger Map” for a full screen map with additional details about the sites.