Did I suddenly just become bored with the idea of blogging? Well, yeah, sort of.

I started this blog to be an exercise in writing. To get me to write. Just a little bit, more frequently. I remember in grade school when we kept our black and white marble composition notebooks as writing journals, with daily or weekly assignments to just write. Even then — when I was the expert at procrastination and somehow still managed to do well in school without ever devoting the appropriate time to my assignments — I really liked the idea of writing a page or two in a stream of consciousness mode.

(Speaking of which, I have never been a strong speller and, along with modern technologies’ accessibility of calculators that no longer make it necessary to perform mathematical functions in one’s head, mobile phones/personal organizers that have rendered me incapable of remembering anyone‘s phone number (including my own), I simply adore modern word processing that offers automatic spell checking… Helen Hunt in As Good As It GetsDo you remember that scene in As Good As It Gets when Helen Hunt’s character is trying to figure out how to spell conscience, and she is pronouncing it as “con – science”? However, if you note that the second-to-last word in the previous sentence, which is similar and I would guess comes from the same origins, is not spelled in that manner. This is a fact that I just investigated and I plan to come back to in a later post.)

Truth is, I started to become disillusioned by the the time-to-quality ratio required for writing a good blog. There are some really great blogs out there. There are a lot of people who put quite some effort into producing blogs that pretty much run the gamut of the subjects I have addressed or would like to address in Sunny In Geneva, but they do it with more consistency and with what seems to be much more effort. I enjoy reading them. For the most part, any subject that I find myself curious about, I can almost always find a blog that has already addressed this subject.

I have also recently discovered Pinterest. Eileen Weinberg on PinterestDamn, I love this website. Yes, I acknowledge that it is little more that a total time sink, but I find it fascinating. Simply put, it is a different form of expression to use images to convey information, and I appreciate the talent in creating eye-catching compositions, and I am continually impressed by the ability to communicate information in the medium. Through Pinterest I have discovered countless numbers of healthy recipes as well as discovering health and lifestyle tips (like Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred, which is just fucking awesome), and tips for refinishing teak furniture which will be my next big project.

So, maybe I have been wasting too much time on Pinterest, maybe I have simply been too lazy, but I felt that the boredom I felt towards blogging is simply that there are so many out there. Pinterest has opened my eyes to so many quality blogs. For a while I felt that there was just no longer a point contributing to an over-saturated blog-o-sphere, but rather, I have come around to say that if I choose to participate or not, that is not the issue. I thank all those who contribute their ideas to the ever expanding blog universe, regardless of recognition or number of followers, but simply sharing a little bit of their thoughts with those of us who might think more about sharing our own thoughts than we actually do in practice.