Halloween nail art

I love Halloween. This year I was feeling inspired. I created my Halloween ghost nails on the left hand and pumpkin nails on the right. I am still struggling with painting with my left hand, so I don’t really think the right hand is all that. But I do loves those ghost eyes.

I then created my first jack-o-lantern in more years than I prefer to remember. Orange pumpkins are harvested about a month before Halloween in Switzerland, so last year I remember seeing them in September and thinking it was too soon to get one. By the time the end of October approached, they were gone, and the stores were just selling these green pumpkin shaped squash to the poor Anglos that wanted to try to participate in Halloween even though no one does in Geneva. So, this year, I got the pumpkin when I saw it, harvested it’s seeds, dug the innards out, and sculpted as close to a perfect jack-o that I could have hoped for. It is awesome.