It is so frustrating that right-wingers are using Switzerland to support their pro-gun argument. Yes, guns are legal here, but they are heavily controlled! Most people who have guns have their military-issued firearm, as military service is mandatory in Switzerland. Since the end of the Cold War, the number of people serving in the military is steadily decreasing. Most homes DO NOT have guns (it is under 50% for a country with mandatory military service, think about that!) and the government does not give them out (it’s the military that issues them to military personnel only). You don’t get a gun if you don’t serve in the military. Adults in good legal standing can get a license to legally purchase guns, but culturally people really only buy them for hunting.

For that matter, many with military-issued guns do not even store them in their own home, but rather a secure central depot in their canton, to keep their homes safer.

Guns are treated very seriously here: people who serve in the military are trained in firearm use and safety. Their service weapon is part of the respect given to those who serve (it’s like police officers having their service weapon, you rarely hear about their kids getting hold of them and massacring kids because cops understand the responsibility!). It just is not something that most citizens outside of the military are interested in.

Furthermore, there is absolutely no concealed carry.

Also, when you resign your military commission after 30 you have to return you military firearm.