It’s been a while since I got artistic with my nails. We moved in December, and it’s been a lot of work setting up. My hands have not been pleased, and this winter weather really does not help. Today I awoke to a clean, organized apartment, with no mandatory tasks on the apartment “to do” list, so I chose to give my hands some overdue TLC. I couldn’t decide between two pinks (I wanted something decidedly Springtime, as I am enjoying the extended daylight these days even if we still have Geneva Winter gray skies ), so I decided to use them both and compliment the softer color on the distinctive nail by using it to create flowers of the same color.

Springtime Nail Art

A while back, I did the same design on my mom’s nails. I think it came out a bit better. Her nails are longer than mine, giving me a larger canvas, and of course, I am not hindered by use of my left hand to do the right.

Mom's flower nails