I love polka dots. I know there is this whole mod fashion fad, bringing back fashions such as peter pan collars and skater dresses, but polka dots transcends mod or retro. It’s just an awesome and fun style that adds a little ‘je ne sais quoi’ to almost any outfit.

Polka dot fun fact:

I have a lot of different clothing items with ‘polka dot’ patterns, and I never understood why my husband called the style ‘peas’. Mexx Rose Polka Dot CardiganEnglish is his third language. Recently, shopping in France, I bought a fabulous pink polka dot cardigan at Mexx, when I realized that it’s French description was “gilet à pois”. ‘Gilet‘ in French means either vest or cardigan. While ‘pois‘ is the French term for polka dots, it also—perhaps more commonly—translates to pea, as in the vegetable. Thus, when my husband refers to the style as ‘peas’, for him it is simply a literal translation of the term from French to English. How cute is that?

Anyway, I digress. I’ve been playing around a lot with nail art, but more frequently I start with a solid color for a few days and when that initial coating begins to chip, I enhance it with a design to cover the imperfections. It’s actually a great excuse to use a crackle top coat.

Essie Lovie DovieMy mom gave me Essie Lovie Dovie, which I wore earlier this week, coincidentally with the lovely Mexx cardigan – the two colors are a close match in reality. It started to chip yesterday, so I choose a fun polka dot gradient design to refresh the look. Since the base pink polish is very, well, pink, I wanted to find an edgier color for the polka dots (I’m not really sure that that adjective actually works in any discussion involving pink nail polish and polka dots, but I stand by it).

Green is the natural compliment to pink, but most of my green shades of nail polish are turquoise or jade, too pastel for a power contrast. I have only two green shades that are bolder:

Essie Stylenomics L’Oréal Color Riche Rive Gauche Green
Essie Stylenomics L’Oréal Color Riche Rive Gauche Green

I used both colors on different fingers. To create the gradient, I simply applied a steady line of dots at the top edge of the nail, and then fewer as I moved down.

Pink polka dot nails

Polka dots are really very easy nail art design to apply, especially if you have a dotting tool, as I do. This gradient version is fun, and is much easier than trying to do evenly spaced out dots. In my opinion, the lighter L’Oréal shade looks better, as the Essie’s Stylenomics is so dark, it kind of looks like an ink pen exploded on my fingers. Even so, I really like the way this design came out.