My hair in a bunI’ve worn my hair pulled back in a bun pretty much every day this summer. While cute and super-trendy, it’s a move out of necessity rather than choice. The need is caused by the summer heat and my outrageously thick, curly hair. While I often blow-dry my hair straight, I cannot bare to use the heat during the dog-days of summer: I have to turn off all the fans so as not to trip a circuit, and 45 minutes later, my hair is barely dry due to all the sweat pouring out of me.

Buns also have some cons, such as head tension from the pull of the wrapped hair, and scalp irritation from the pins used to hold it all in place. In fact, I’ve had a peculiar sort of tension head-ache on my scalp for which I might need to see a doctor, after addressing the first and most obvious possible cause: pulling my hair back too frequently.

For years I’ve heard about the hair-straightening treatments that provide women like me—born with naturally curly hair, that never quite looks as tame as on TV or in magazines—with the ability to have smooth and shiny hair straight (no pun intended) out of the shower. Maybe it was the high price tag, or the fear of causing damage to my healthy locks from chemical treatments, but for some reason I could never commit to such a drastic change. Some days I like curls.

Oh, I know, the grass is always greener thing, and I’ve tried so hard and so often to embrace my curls. On top of the odd scalp pain, I’ve also be seeing an absurd amount of hair loss. Now, I don’t believe this is from any underlying health issue, but rather a result of those curls just curling around each other, making it impossible to run my fingers, let alone a comb, through my hair to style it.

Thus, I reached my tipping point this week, after combing my hair over the sink, and then promptly needing to clean the sink to remove all of my fallen strands. I am either going to cut my hair or have it straightened. I don’t really want to cut my hair; this would be an act of desperation, and I know from past experience, it is still really hard to style very thick and curly hair when it is short.

I have read that today’s keratin treatments are actually not so bad for your hair, so I am now in search of the right hairdresser in the Geneva area for me to finally commit to this major decision in my life. Actually, I am really waiting for the next Groupon offer for a keratin treatment, as of course there have been many in the past and I guess with just a little patience, another will come along soon: fingers crossed.

I’ll let you know what happens.