Why is it that I cannot capture the beauty of the Geneva skyline in photographs? Is it my technique, the quality of my camera (iPhone)? Or is it that sometimes the true beauty of nature cannot be caught on a flat medium like film? I don’t believe the latter as I’ve seen more than enough nature photography to make me a believer in the art-form and understand there is something I am missing.

Regardless, this morning I woke before the sun, and was mesmerized by the predawn skyline of Geneva over the Lake. There was a crescent moon with a star underneath that appeared so bright it must be a planet.

To capture the sunrise I tried to take a Panorama shot. Yeah, does this ever come out good for anyone? I would love to learn the proper technique for taking quality panoramas.

Panorama shot of Geneva at sunrise

Well, this is something new for me to learn about. And even if I couldn’t get the photo to reflect the real beauty of the sunrise, I still captured it in my memory.