Thinking about rainy day weather. And more specifically, walking in it.

As often happens, I left home this morning not even realizing that it was raining (remarkable in an apartment that is practically 1/3 windows). Clearly, I did not have an umbrella. I used to wear an awesome Puma puff jacket during the winter which had a hood. Even then, as the hood was removable, and I’m all about lightweight travel, I often did not have it on when I would be caught out in a drizzle or downpour. Recently, I found an awesome deal on eBay for a vintage Halston burgundy peacoat, and I’ve been wearing it pretty much every day since I got it. This, however, has made my lack of rain-readiness even more frequent.

Truly though, I never liked walking with umbrellas. First, I just hate holding them up: my arm gets tired (and let’s not even talk about when you have an umbrella but your walking companion does not…). Second, the wind. Third, rain that has an upward trajectory. I always remember this weather report from when I was living in London, when the rain was described as the kind that jumped up under you umbrella to hit you in the face. Since I’ve been on a trend of no longer blow-drying my naturally curly hair, it tends to be rain proof. However, I’ve also been on a trend of wearing eyeglasses rather than contact lenses, so I have yet to figure out how to deal with those damned raindrops infesting my lens.

What’s your opinion?

And if anyone can solve my wearing eyeglasses in the rain dilemma, I’ll tweet my appreciation!