Since I don’t live in the United States, I’m not even sure when the finale is airing (has aired ?). I did know it was going to be in March, and, well, as today is the last day in March I figure it’s soon. But um, before we continue on our journey through the best moments of HIMYM, there are a few special moments I’d like to discuss.

Honorable Mentions

Episode Lily Stole Christmas [Season 02, Episode 11]

Honorable mention for one of the best Barney quotes:

Barney: Oh Robin, my simple friend from the untamed north. Let me tell you about a little thing I like to call mind over body. You see, whenever I start feeling sick, I just stop being sick and be awesome instead. True story.

The Chain of Screaming [Episode 14, Season 03]

Honorable mention because Ted wears a t-shirt with the coat of arms of the Swiss canton I live in, Geneva:

Ted wearing a shirt displaying the Geneva coat of arms
Ted wearing a shirt displaying the Geneva coat of arms

Jenkins [Season 05, Episode 15]

Honorable mention for, but um, one of the best gags of the entire series, and a great new drinking game.

Say Cheese [Season 05, Episode 18]

This is a well played episode in which HIMYM’s frequently used flashback device is put to particularly good effect. However, the moment that makes the list is the flashback to Marshall and Ted traveling to Paris to meet Lily with Ted’s on-again, off-again girlfriend Karen.

Marshall, Lily, Karen, and Ted in front of the Arc de Triumphe

They breakup mid-flight, ruining the trip for Marshall. The honorable mention is given to the retelling of the story with extra life for using the French rap song “Briques” by Les Cautionneurs, playing in the background.

Of Course [Season 05, Episode 17]

Honorable mention for the fine sartorial double-entendres:

Barney retells the story of a dame (guest star Jennifer Lopez) he met in the local watering hole:

The dame: Nothing sexier than a man in a fine cravat.
Barney: Except for a woman who appreciates a fine cravat.
The dame: How ’bout we just call it a tie.

Later he recalls her excuses to make physical contact by admiring his suit:

The dame: Is this cashmere?
Barney: Cashmere? This is hand-spun virgin Merino. The fibers in this suit are less than 12 microns thick.
The dame: Twelve microns. I love a tiny fiber.
Barney: Well you’re in luck, cause mine’s the tiniest. And the more you touch it, the softer it gets.

The Best Man [Season 07, Episode 01]

Mosby loses it again at a wedding is good, with the YouTube clip and the fans from Finland. But you saw it coming: the honorable mention goes to the brilliant dance number between Barney and Robin.

Now, back to our top 10


Number 6: Swarley [Season 02, Episode 07]

I love this episode. Marshall is so cute trying to go on his first date after ten years. He is excited by the special attention he receives from Chloe at Costa Coffee and he asks her out:

Marshall: She likes Billy Joel, I also like (beat) music.

Despite the guys’ warnings about Chloe, turns out Lily is the one with the crazy eyes when she loses it and starts sneaking around to find out more about Marshall’s date. This one winds up on the list just because I love the love when Marshall and Lily finally reconcile.

Number 7: The Front Porch [Season 04, Episode 24]

When Ted discovers that Lily has been breaking up him and his girlfriends for years, he puts her on the spot and demands an explanation. The dialog is an excellent take-off of the Jack Nicholson / Tom Cruise cross-examination from A Few Good Men. This all goes down the night the gang is gathered to finally watch Robin’s news program Come On, Get Up New York!, which airs at an ungodly early hour. So, Ted proceeds to interrogate Lily, he mutes the television just as the show starts.

During the entire discussion, Robin has her most eventful day at the anchor desk. First, a touching tribute to her friends watching the show. During a cooking segment, the chef catches fire. Robin resuscitates the weatherman after he collapses, and then delivers the baby of a very pregnant guest. Of course, no one watches any of it.

Number 8: The Sexless Innkeeper [Season 05, Episode 04]

Interesting observation: as we enter the top three, the moments are best served by the actual video, because for some of these, there are no words.

Take, for example, Marshall’s video montages of life’s more mundane moments. This was a difficult video to find, in which Marshall recaps cat sitting for Lily’s mom, an event that leads directly to the retelling of another event, cat funeral.

Watch the Video

Number 9: The Leap [Season 04, Episode 24]

Ted versus the goat. Need I say more? Watch:

Number 10: Slap Bet [Season 02, Episode 09]

No contest, the discovery of Robin Sparkles is, hands down, but um, the best moment of the entire series.


That’s it, that’s our list. Now go on and watch the finale you crazy kids. But um, someone, please upload the torrent so I can watch it soon too.