I haven’t been posting much lately because I’ve been busy with other stuff — Not an excuse ! I know.

A lot of the other stuff that’s been preoccupying my time has to do with an attempt to organize and classify all of my online accounts and resources. Since I do Social Media by profession, I decided to make as hard of line as possible between my “professional” profile and “personal” profile. I kind of gave up on “private” (see Google Creepiness) a long time ago when talking about anything Internet related and I’m only focused on maintaining some kind of privacy in my offline life (which also is not so easy).

One of the really big steps for me was migrating my emails. I’ve had the same account since 2004, and actually still have email from 2004 in that account. There are notes from friends that while I may not have an appropriate repository for the item, I want to keep it.

A big impetus behind the decision to migrate emails was that I decided to try out Chrome for a while and see if the benefits of its integration with Gmail and Google+ is worth all the personal information they are getting from me for free. So I needed to use Gmail a bit more than I have historically, as a long-term and pretty devoted Yahoo! mail user. No decision yet, still observing….

All of this is to say that for the longest time I have kept recipes that I find for new foods stored in my Yahoo! account under a folder called Recipes. Whenever I need to cook something, I just need my iPhone or iPad or Laptop and the instructions are there. Now, I think that perhaps putting those recipes here, in my lovely blog is an even better solution, as it will be platform-free, but also login-free. Thus, I will be adding the recipes I’ve tried with success and use repeatedly to share in this happy web space in the “Recipes” category. I also might pre-date them for my own neurotic reasons, but I haven’t decided that one yet.

One note to add is that none of these recipes are my own. I will try to give credit to the original source when-ever possible, but I may not have noted it for what I thought would be my own private use. If you see something that is yours, let me know and I’ll add appropriate credit right away.

Happy baking, and organizing.